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We have not forgotten about The Lionize Podcast! We have dropped the ball on our site here but, in our defense, we have been going VERY strong with our sister podcast Bond(ing) Over Bond. 

And yes...we are  STILL wrapping up our Cuba Podcast series with the soon to be released Part III: A Cuban-American Reflection.

As of right now we are trying to jump back into things with the 2016 Presidential Election. No matter who you support go out and vote!

However, in saying that, we will go on record by saying we do not support Mr. Donald Trump as he has shown, countless times, that he is unfit to be President of the United States of America. Mr. Trump has shown he does not believe in, support, nor understand the Constitutional responsibility of the office, the fabric of this country, and the unity that makes this country what it is.  And while we have series issues with Sec. Hillary Clinton, mostly related to her secrecy, arrogance, and misuse of the Secretary of State e-mails, we do believe that voting for a third party in this election is dangerous and jeopardizes the future of this county. If you, as we do, believe the two party system if broken, then you should join, support, and help create third party movements and your local level. Is is at the local counties, districts, and precincts that the true movement can begin.

On Election Night we feel that a vote for Hillary Clinton, a work horse politician, who has worked her life to better the lives of those with no voice, is a vote that will protect that country as we know it. In the years leading up to 2020 we believe the populous should continue to educate itself, learn the issues, and move toward uplifting the best of us to represent their parties at the national level.*

Now, in endorsing Sec. Clinton, we want to make clear that we believe, as is stated in our mission statement, "[in] a space that welcomes open & honest observations, ideas, beliefs, & discourse." In order to achieve that goal a level of RESPECT is needed. We believe that nobody one's position, there is a level of empathy and understanding that needs to be placed back in our national discourse. Any conversation that we take part in or start is done from that stance. 

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until tomorrow...good night.

-Arturo V. Leon II

*this is the opinion of The Lionize Podcast publisher / editor-in-chief and does not reflect the opinion or thoughts of any contributors of our sister podcast, Bond(ing) Over Bond.

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