The E-A-G-L-E-S [eagles]

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by Arturo V. Leon II

As we said…Eagles making big moves. They have the carpet pulled and now are holding on the Sam Bradford as rumor makes it way to the media that teams in the top 6 that need a QB would rather have Sam Bradford than Marcus Mariota [QB Oregon]. Seems Chip Kelly is in fact setting the Eagles up to make that move.

If a coach can work on making Mariota pro ready it would probably be the QB whisper himself. His work with old man Mike Vick, who is this [?] Nick Foles, and butt fumble Mark Sanchez have proven that Coach Kelly can put a QB in his system and make it work.
A lot of action going on in the NFL today. The Philadelphia Eagles seem to be making a lot of odd noise. Nick Foles is gone to St. Louis in exchange for Sam Bradford and conditional picks. Between letting go of LeSean McCoy, losing out on Frank Gore, and the this trade it does seem that the Eagles, and their coach Chip Kelly, are off their rocker.

However, if the Eagles can pull out the carpet from under the Dallas Cowboys by signing DeMarco Murray the Eagles intentions may start to come to light. Rumors point to a the Eagles positioning themselves to make a move to jump to a draft spot to draft Marcus Mariota [QB Oregon]. If this is the true motives of the Eagles then they may possible end the off season having pulled out the carpet from Dallas and the biggest coup d’état of pre-season season.

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