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75 Songs for 75 Years of John Lennon

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by Arturo V. Leon II

John Winston Ono Lennon was born today in Liverpool, England on 1940. He was a son, nephew, student, rebel, band leader, husband, father, flawed human, and inspiration. Even upon his death, on December 8, 1980 at the steps of the Dakota Building in New York City, he was still, and will always be a boy from Liverpool England trying to play rock ‘n roll and bring peace and love into the world.

Today marks what would have been Mr. Lennon’s 75th birthday. During his forty year life he reached a remarkable number of people and made an everlasting impression that garners strong emotional feelings from fans and detractors a like. He was the founder of the Quarryman a group that grew to be more commonly known as The Beatles. He was a successful solo artist, constantly compared and forever linked to the former Beatles. He was a poet, an artist, and an activist. One might even say that while the Beatles he was more popular than Jesus.

Mr. Lennon was always a husband to Cynthia Lennon [m. 1962-1969] and Yoko Ono [m. 1969-1980] . He was a father to Julian [b. 1963] and Sean [b. 1975]. He was a band mate to Paul, George, and Ringo [along with Pete Best, the Plastic Ono Band and strong associations with David Bowie and Elton John].

In honor of John Lennon’s birthday we are ranking the top 75 songs John Lennon wrote or co-wrote (in alphabetical order). Enjoy the list. Comment on your opinion, if you add a song you have to take one out and visa versa. But most of all, listen to his songs, enjoy his words, and love someone today.

  1. Across the Universe
  2. All you Need is Love
  3. Baby, You’re a Rich Man
  4. The Ballad of John and Yoko
  5. Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)
  6. Because
  7. Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite
  8. Borrowed Time
  9. Come Together
  10. Cry Baby Cry
  11. A Day in the Life
  12. Day Tripper
  13. Dear Prudence
  14. Don’t Let Me Down
  15. Girl
  16. Gimme Some Truth
  17. Give Peace a Chance
  18. God
  19. Good Morning, Good Morning
  20. Good Night
  21. Happiness is a Warm Gun
  22. Happy Xmas (War is Over)
  23. A Hard Day’s Night
  24. Help!
  25. Hey Bulldog
  26. How?
  27. How do You Sleep?
  28. I’m Losing You
  29. I am the Walrus
  30. Imagine
  31. Instant Karma
  32. Isolation
  33. I Should Have Known Better
  34. It’s So Hard
  35. I Want to Hold Your Hand
  36. I Want You (She’s so Heavy)
  37. If I Fell
  38. I’ll Be Back
  39. I’ll Cry Instead
  40. I’m a Loser
  41. In my Life
  42. It Won’t Be Long
  43. It’s Only Love
  44. Jealous Guy
  45. Julia
  46. Just Like Starting Over
  47. Love
  48. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
  49. Magical Mystery Tour
  50. Mind Games
  51. Misery
  52. Nobody Told Me
  53. No Reply
  54. Norwegian Wood (This Bird has Flown)
  55. Nowhere Man
  56. Number 9 Dream
  57. Oh My Love
  58. One After the 909
  59. Please Please Me
  60. Power to the People
  61. Rain
  62. Real Love
  63. Revolution / Revolution 1
  64. She Said She Said
  65. Strawberry Fields Forever
  66. Tell Me Why
  67. This Boy
  68. Ticket to Ride
  69. Tomorrow Never Knows
  70. Watching the Wheels
  71. Whatever Gets You Through the Night
  72. Woman
  73. Woman is the Nigger of the World
  74. Working Class Hero
  75. You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away

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