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What is LionizePodcast.com

Welcome to the Lionize Podcast website! This site is a commentary on the intersection of pop culture, sports, politics, & society. We are a focusing on how culture is not independent nor created in a vacuum but rather is intertwined with society both as a mirror and a rippled effect from events both current and long past. Our goal is to create content that provides humor with thought.



The LionizePodcast.com's Mission Statement
 "If you think education is expensive, try ignorance."

Mission Statement: to create a space that welcomes open & honest observations, ideas, beliefs, & discourse. LionizePodcast.com is meant to be the sharing of a wide breadth of thoughts to be placed for the world to make its own. We are open and accepting of all peoples. We support, believe in, and advocate for equality for all. We welcome words from many topics by a wide variety of authors, each with their own perspective and background. There can be no truth by allowing any denial or repression.

LionizePodcast.com is not a primary news source & therefore will editorialize. You may even find conflicting opinions. As America was built on this discourse, we welcome the challenge, along with the growth, mutual agreement, and agreed upon disagreements. In this challenging but rewarding space lays not only truth, but a path forward. While it may be difficult to work in that gray void it is only from there that a true America and her constitution can be continually re-born.

ceo / publisher + editor-in-chiefArturo V. Leon II

vp + executive editor |  Scott W. Obermiller

science director executive editor Payton Olivia

contributing editor Joseph Dunlap

The Lionize Podcast

managing editor + host Arturo V. Leon II

Bond(ing) Over Bond 

co-host Arturo V. Leon II + Scott W. Obermiller


ceo / publisher + editor-in-chief Scott W. Obermiller

vp + contributing editor Arturo V. Leon II

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