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OUR NEWEST PODCAST(s): Oddjob #17 [Bond(ing) Over Bond]

 STAY TUNED for our next FYEO...GoldenEye!

Our schedule is going be tough with the Obermillers caring for a newborn but we also have an Oddjob or two lined up!

We will be releasing a new FYEO podcast on the 1st Thursday of each month [most of the time] + an Oddjob podcast in the middle[ish] of each month as well.

We are close to launching!

In the future you can expect us to continue our Review series with the Dynamite Comic series James Bond 007, as well as spoofs [such as Austin Power films, Casino Royale [1967], Spy, & Johnny English], & other spy genre films.

Exam our FINAL Running Rankings covering all 24 official James Bond 007 films


SPECTRE is out on blu-ray! Read our review of the 24th Bond film

[spoiler: we both liked the film & the review will be a defense of the film]


 SPECTRE film review (2)


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Bonding Over Bond


Bond(ing) Over Bond was established in 2015. We are the self proclaimed OFFICIAL unofficial James Bond Podcast. We were founded as a spin-off podcast by the brain trust here at The Lionize PodcastBond(ing) Over Bond is a pretty simple idea really. It started as a conversation between Art and Scott while bonding over a James Bond movie in the studio shed after a Lionize podcast recording. Several dozen production meetings later* here we are! The idea is that  hosts Arturo & Scott get together & bond over their love of Ian Fleming's James Bond 007.

Bond(ing) Over Bond features 3 podcast formats.

  1. Original Review
  2. Oddjob
  3. For Your Eyes Only

An Original Review Podcast is a structured podcast of moderate length. Each of the first 24 Original Review Podcasts covered one 007 film, in order of release, & features our three unique review sections.

  1. Double-O 30 - each host takes a turn attempting to summarize the film in 30 seconds [which is written out as 00:30 so two zero's or O's and James Bond's code number is 007...never mind if you don't get it by now...].
  2. Distinguished Debauchery - we discuss the main aspects of a Bond film that, simply put, make it a Bond film; drinking, gambling, suits, cars, gadgets, violence, & the "Bond Girls." In its totality those 7 areas describe the areas of Bond's life that make him who he is, a refined man who has a lustful appetite.
  3. Running Rankings- we rank each of the 23 [24 after SPECTRE] films against themselves by ranking the; carstitle songopening sequencevillain,  the Bond actor, and then we finish by discussing what we loved, hated, & would take out of the movie along with it's overall realism. We wrap up with loose ends and observations on the film then rank the overall movie.

An Obbjob Podcast is a short podcast with a singular focus. Each podcast will be around 10 - 20 minutes and focus on one topic. Topics vary from a review of an actor’s portal of James Bond throughout all their films, a summary of our complete Running Rankings, news from the world of 007, and more!

Our For Your Eyes Only Podcast is a long form & structure free podcast. Each podcast will cover one 007 film, novel, or James Bond related topic.

In short...come bond with us over Ian Fleming's James Bond 007. The simple way is by subscribing to us on Apple iTunes or reading extra content here. We are currently hosted here [thanks Lionize Podcast!] but soon to be at our own site, [Get your act together FreeRevolt and pay the IT guys!!!]. More importantly, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for updates and news! After all that, send us an e-mail with your ideas, contributions, & therefore we get to Bond(ing) Over Bond.

*drinks until 3 am. Sorry Heather.

co-host Scott W. Obermiller
co-host Arturo V. Leon II

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