Fall Sneak Peak 2015!

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by Arturo V. Leon II

The “awards season” is getting really close. Every year it feels like the onslaught of Oscar bait movies starts sooner and sooner. Something about this fall seems special though. I am not sure if it’s the fact that 007 and Luke Skywalker will be in the movies with in a month of each other. Or maybe it’s the fact that this fall there seems to be good movies made by real artist. Either way…welcome to our very first FALL MOVIE SNEAK PEAK.

We are going to break up some films [and their release dates] in THREE groups; 1) Must See, 2) Buzz, & 3) Popcorn.

A Must See film includes films that range from Blockbusters with soaring expectations to small passion films that remind us about the power of my favorite art form.

Buzz are films that are getting good word of mouth put the jury is still out on if the studios PR firm is doing a good job or a gem was really made.

And finally, Popcorn are fun films to watch. Pretty simple category there. An excuse to get out of the winter cold, eat some salted butter popcorn and sit next to your special somebody or bff, nudge each other over silly plots and horribly written lines and then make jokes after the movie is over.

So, here we go!

Sept Black Mass [9/18]*
Sicario [9/18]
The Walk [9/30] Sleeping With Other People[9/11]
Cooties [9/18]
A Walk in the Woods [9/2]
The Intern [9/25]
Oct Legend [10/2]

The Martian [10/2]*

Bridge of Spies [10/16]*

Suffragette [10/23]*

Steve Jobs  [10/9]*

Beasts of No Nation  [10/16]*

Rock the Kasbah  [10/23]

Our Brand is Crisis  [10/30]*

Pan [10/9]
Nov SPECTRE [11/6]

The Good Dinosaur [11/25]

The Danish Girl [11/27]
Carol [1/20]*

Spotlight [11/6]

Trumbo [11/6]*

By the Sea [11/13]*
Secret in their Eyes [11/20]
Creed [11/25]

The Peanuts Movie [11/6]

The 33 [11/13]*

The Night Before [11/25]

Dec Star Wars: The Force Awakens[12/18]

The Hateful Eight [12/25]*

Joy [12/25]*

The Revenant [12/25]*

Youth [12/4]
Son of Saul [12/18]
Snowden [12/25]*
In the Heart of the Sea[12/11]*

Sisters [12/18]

Concussion [12/25]*

Bold=real excitement on my part | *Some Oscar Potential/Baiting

As it is every year there is a flood of good movies released for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and of course the late season releases of movies to qualify for the Academy Awards [a film must be released in NYC and LA on or before December 31st to qualify].

Out of this list there are two movies I am going gaga over. Yup…you guessed it. SPECTRE and of course…STAR WARS!!! I am really really excited to see a new Star Wars film [that isn’t Episode I…oh God what a nightmare]. And course continue a tradition started with Casino Royale, by seeing the new 007 movie with my friend Joe.

Other traditions that have started recently: I see a Thanksgiving and Christmas movie with my main girl Friday. Usually who ever picks one holiday gets to pick the other, unless it’s a year where we both agree on the films [i.e. Thanksgiving 2013 – 12 Years a Slave]. I think we have a good chance of agreeing for Thanksgiving as we are both huge Pixar film fans. And after the wonderfulness that wasInside/Out why wouldn’t we be excited to see The Good Dinosaur. Christmas will be tough but I can already sense that Joy will win out over The Hateful Eight.

Keep checking back as we view these Fall films and put our comments on them up here!

We hope are watch along and join in on the discussion. Remember it’s never to early to start the Awards Season Buzz.

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