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Hispanic Heritage Month 2

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by Arturo V. Leon II

Today’s post is going to be very very short.

Today in Hispanic Heritage Month [#HispanicHeritageMonth on Twitter] we are going to examine what does Hispanic look like?

The answer is quite simple. Hispanic looks like…anything you can imagine.

There are Hispanic males, Hispanic females, Hispanic blonds, Hispanic brunettes, Hispanic red heads, Hispanic Catholics, Hispanic Protestants, Hispanic Jews, Hispanic Atheist, tall Hispanics, short Hispanics, average height Hispanics, skinny Hispanics, healthy Hispanics, built Hispanics, heavy Hispanics, fat Hispanics, straight Hispanics, gay Hispanics, trans-gender Hispanics, white Hispanics, mulatto Hispanics, black Hispanics, Asian-Hispanic, Afro-Hispanic, healthy Hispanics, sick Hispanics. Which means there are thousands and thousands of possibilities as to what a Hispanic looks like.

Don’t assume.

Remember, Hispanics are citizens too.

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