Hispanic Heritage Month 3

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by Arturo V. Leon II

Help Wanted! No _________ need apply. 

The _________ are taking our jobs. 

Those _________ can bearely read or write our language. 

Every time I go by the _________ are so loud. 

Those _________. Always drunk. 

The _________ don’t have values.

Catholics. Irish. Germans. Italians, Greeks. Poles. Jews. Asians. Russians.

The category in the blanks does not matter. What changes over the course of our country’s short history is the attitude toward a group of people. The nativism, racism, and exclusiveness never goes way. It just ebbs. 

In today’s America the word filled in the statements is Hispanic. Here’s what you need to know; just like the Catholics, Irish, Germans, Italians, Greeks, Polish, Jews, Asians, or Russians before them, Hispanics are none of these statements. 

Hispanics are citizens, contributors, passionate, loving, patriotic, proud, and familial.

And just like the tide changed for each one of these groups it will change for Hispanics as well. And if you read this and that makes you uncomfortable, the problem is not with Hispanics; its with you. 

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