(EXCLUSIVE, Premium Rates Apply) Bruce Springsteen taking a break from the soundcheck at Alex Cooley's Electric Ballroom (Photo by Tom Hill/WireImage)

Monthly Jams [August]

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by Arturo V. Leon II

What am I listening to this month:
On loop
Alabama Shakes Sound & Color
Re-jamming out to
Bruce Springsteen, Born to Run
Metallica, Metallica
The Four Seasons, Greatest Hits
Various Artist, Dirty Dancing Soundtrack 
Paul McCartney, various albums
Paul Simon, , various albums
Arturo Sandoval, various albums
Dizzy Gillespie, various albums
John Coltrane, various albums
Thelonious Monk, various albums
Miles Davis, various albums
Kid Ory, various albums
Ella Fitzgerald, various albums
Louis Armstrong, various albums
Various Artist, Disney’s The Lion King Soundtrack 

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