Pixar top 5 [+ 6-15]

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by Arturo V. Leon II

As I prepared my first FALL MOVIE SNEAK PEAK I remembered a great list I made with my main girl Friday.
Top Pixar Films.
We will keep this post really quick. There are currently 15 released Pixar films. The ranking is divided into groups of five. So here is the list.
15. Cars 2
14. Cars
13. Up!
12. Monster’s University
11. Brave
10. A Bugs Life
09. Finding Nemo
08. Toy Story 2
07. Toy Story 3
06. Ratatouille
my all time top five Pixar films:
05. Inside/Out
04. The Incredibles
03. WALL-E
02. Monster’s Inc.
and my favorite Pixar film of all time
01. Toy Story 1
In defense of my list. Now I am sure when making up this list on the drive home from watching Inside/Out I gave a different 4-10. I believe I am pretty solid on my # 1-3. Toy Story will forever hold a special place in my heart. It was released at just the perfect time in my life that the plot was meaningful on several levels and the animation. It was breath taking. Monster’s Inc. is a film I can watch over and over and still laugh. The chemistry between John Goodman and Billy Crystal [who I love] is top notch. WALL-E. It’s a piece of cinematic history. A pure work of art. I still remember how mad I was that a mother took tiny children to see this movie and was dismayed when there was no dialogue for the beginning part of the movie! Do some homework lady! I purposely went to a night showing of a movie that the press had extensively covered as an adult Pixar film with possible one of the best love stories captured on film. Rounding out my top 5 are The Incredibles which still makes me laugh and is entertaining after multiple viewings andInside/Out which was a wonderfully done film that tugged at the right emotional heart strings [que the tween girl sitting next to me at the film holding back her tears so her little brother won’t see her cry].
Ratatouille is a joy to watch and I still enjoy after multiple viewings. In fact I am thrilled when my Godson is watching Ratatouille and explains why Finding Nemo is lower than many people would have on their list. Toy Story‘s 1-3 could very well be in many people’s top 5. In making this list I made a personal choice that 2 movies of a series would not crack my 1-6. To me Toy Story is the better of the 3 films. Toy Story 2 gets a spot above 3 because of the more original plot. Films 10-15 are either geared strictly towards kids [Cars &Cars 2] or not fully fleshed out [Brave] or I haven’t had the urge to revisit [A Bug’s Life] or is Up!. I love the love montage in Up!. In fact if I had to rank any 10 minutes of Pixar film that montage would be in my top 5. But there was another 90+ mins of film after that sequence that just didn’t do it for me. Maybe I came to Up! to old [I was 25+ when I first saw it]. Maybe the nostalgia of 1930 style adventure films hadn’t settle in [Indiana Jones 4 had just been a big bust]. I know Up! is ranked a lot higher for other people. Maybe the montage is enough to move it up in other people’s list. No hard feelings. But when films like Toy Story, Monster’s Inc., and WALL-E are out in the world the Up!‘s gotta move on down.
It is my list after all.

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