2016 Presidential Debate Drinking Game

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by Arturo V. Leon II as part of our Election 2016 “The Long Road to Nowhere” coverage

After what seems like forever on the campaign trail both Presidential nominees from the two major parties will square off on what will sure to be the television event of the night. Being that both candidates have historically low approval ratings many Americans will be watching an event they are not thrilled about. Thankfully we are here to help. Print out our 2016 Presidential Debate Drinking Game and make this Monday night a night you can enjoy. Or a night you can not remember.

Also for our non drinking fans, make sure to use the Lionize Podcast 2016 Presidential Debate Bingo Card to help your night go by.

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The first debate will be hosted at Hofstra University and moderated by Lester Holt from NBC’s Nightly News.

Web version of the 2016 Presidential Debate Drinking Game:

2016 Presidential Debate Drinking Game


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