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…and in the beginning

"No one will pluck you out of obscurity."

The Lionize Podcast was founded in 2014. We are a young podcast working under a young company but we are an excited  group. E-mail us any suggestions or questions your have!

The Lionize Podcast mission is to put the sword to the grindstone; to get out words, express ideas, and share with the world the truths buried in the intersection between Popular Culture and Society.

We aim to be present in the moment in order to capture it, express it, and share it. These moments are a foreshadowing of where we will be as told by our understanding of where we are now.

Today there is one person lionizing on this soapbox. Soon may there be many.

Our truth, and a search for a greater truth, will be the audio graffiti that fills this podcast. Maybe one person hears this. Maybe millions. Probably somewhere in the middle.

until tomorrow...good night.

Lionize Podcast host Arturo V. Leon

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