Third Party? Maybe in this environment

Posted on Posted in Politics, Society
by Arturo V. Leon II
With everything that is going on with Secretary Clinton it would be smart to look at our system. If there is often a problem in a any area it is natural to examine the structure around the problem. However, in politics we continue to let the same broken system churn on, never looking around to fix the decaying rot but rather to cover up the faults and continue marching on.
Simply put, a THIRD party [or more] would begin to make a change in our system.
Any argument against it strikes a fundamental blow to the beliefs of the current two-party system.
Republicans: straggling a free market that is driving competition.
Democrats: would be inhibiting a progressive free thinking movement.
We will dive into this issue more but for now just think on it. A multi-party system.
Until then…brain storm on a blue print. We have some ideas here.

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